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Bombay Cafe Fairfax

Bombay Cafe
11213 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
Ph: 703-352-8282

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bombay cafe

Bombay Cafe Fairfax Review: Decent Food; Cheap Prices

Unless you are a complete idiot, y'all know that desis love, and nay, live for three things - Indian food, Bollywood movies and above all Cheap.

Folks, Bombay Cafe in Fairfax, Virginia panders to two of the three desi lusts - Indian food and Cheap.

We've been planning to visit Bombay Cafe for a few years and finally got around to doing it the other day for the dinner buffet.

Mind you, the restaurant is a no-frills, nothing fancy place. We were heartened by the sight of so many desis inside because it's hard to bamboozle our people. Americans for the most part know diddly about Indian cuisine.

Since we're cheapo desis, we paid cash and got an additional 99-cent discount. :)

The dinner buffet has a fairly decent spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items as well as desserts.

We started off with the standard appetizers - Samosas, Bajji and Pakoras.

It's hard to screw up these commonplace Indian appetizers and Bombay Cafe did alright with all of them.

Ditto with the Paapdi Chaat, the favorite Indian street food. No problemo.

Vegetarian Entrees
Although we're usually not very partial to Mushroom, the folks at Bombay Cafe changed our mind. Mushroom Masala here was so flavorful and rightly spiced that we had a second helping.

While the Kadai Paneer was alright, Alu Jeera turned out to be a bland mess.

That looks could deceive we learnt yet again by the unappetizing looking Dal Makhani. But the taste was infinitely better than it looked.

Chicken Entrees
On the non-vegetarian side, Chicken Tikka, that staple of Indian restaurants in the U.S., was a treat with its thick sauce and tender meat. With lime-juice sprinkled onions on the side, this was nirvana. Really.

We enjoyed the Chicken Biryani as well although we'd have been happier had it been a tad spicier.

Alas, the Butter Chicken was a flavorless charade that ought not to be placed before any diner.

Naan Bread
One of the biggest disappointments of our meal, however, was the hard Naan bread.

Yummy Desserts
Boy, we loved all four desserts - Jalebi, Kalakhand, Kova and Gulab Jamun.

Our cup of joy overflowed when the the Jalebis turned out to be piping hot as well.

Good Deal
Folks, for $7 you can't beat the Bombay Cafe dinner buffet.

You'd be a fool not to try it. - © - ©

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